On being pro-Arab about Afghanistan (silly Helen – historical distortions are for non-Arabs!)

Helen Thomas was burned at the stake for her heretical views on Israel, and the hysteria was so overwhelming in the media that some media outlets revealed their own racist bias.

Take the Boston Herald, which continued in the fine tradition of such trailblazers like Debbie Schlussel when this article appeared June 11 with this sentence reflecting the writer’s thorough research (italics are mine):

“A daughter of Lebanese immigrants, she didn’t hide her pro-Arab views. She asked President Obama two weeks ago: “Mr. President, when are you going to get out of Afghanistan?”

I see. I wasn’t aware that to be pro-Arab, one has to speak out in defense of non-Arab Afghanistan. As Schlussel is apt to do, she refers to Arab Dearborn as “Dearbornistan” in her rather lame attempt at being clever, despite the fact that “stan” is a Farsi word.

You know, Farsi – the language of those filthy, unruly, terroristic Iranians we have to prevent from having nukes so that nuclear Israel can feel safe and secure from words emanating from Iran?

It appears her, uh, “logic” as filtered into the mainstream media, as the Herald has amply demonstrated. Doubtful the Herald will have to apologize for assuming Arabs and Afghans are the same people.

After all, who’s gonna make them say sorry?

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