Gary Faulkner: genius or idiot?


Gary Faulkner is back in the United States after his latest Bin Laden hunting expedition in Pakistan. (It’s his sixth so far.) The Pakistani government hasn’t charged him with anything, but despite his failing kidneys that require dialysis, he’s determined to return to finish the job. 

Now, it’s possible that this is some elaborate agitprop designed to embarrass Washington into overcoming its incompetence and get the man behind 9/11. But I doubt it. If it smells like crap and looks like crap, then it’s a 50 year-old American moron. 

Faulkner – devout Christian and ex-con – doesn’t readily strike me as a genius posing as an idiot to further his scheme. He’s an idiot through and through; just look at how he carried out his mission: 

” He grew his hair and beard long to fit in better,” according to the Huffington Post.” 

Yet when you look at him, he looks less like a conservative Muslim (or a typical Pakistani, for that matter) and more like Grizzly Adams. Clearly knowing nothing of the language, or the customs, his mission was doomed to failure; that hasn’t stopped him, of course – he’s vowed to go back, hinting at an August return. 

It’s clear from press reports that Faulkner is a modern man in search of a romantic adventure where he gets to be a medieval-style hero. In addition to a gun, he also reportedly was arrested carrying a sword. Like all great crusaders, Faulkner “told authorities that God told him in a dream to avenge 9/11,” according to the New York Post. Maybe he should’ve avenged his unemployment by going on an adventure to the nearest Renaissance Fair or Medieval Times. 

If this sounds familiar, it should – God talked to Bush, too, and told him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. 

So, Gary Faulkner: genius or idiot? The answer appears to be … neither. He’s a product of his environment.

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