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Racist Teabaggers

As the controversy rages about the NAACP’s resolution condemning the racist elements within the Tea Party, there’s another racist element within the movement: Islamophobia. The Tea Party Express chairman Mark Williams referred to Allah on his blog as a “monkey … Continue reading

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Nazi-linked Robert Spencer and the anti-Muslim inversion of reality

Robert Spencer accused the Council on American Islamic Relations of manufacturing hate crimes because “they want and need hate crimes against Muslims, because they can use them for political points and as weapons to intimidate people into remaining silent about the … Continue reading

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Fallujah’s tragedy

This arrived in my email the other day:  Important New Research shows that U.S. bombings of Fallujah has been more devastating to Iraqis than   A-Bombs was to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.       See the paper below and please forward widely:  … Continue reading

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Change and hope gets you high like dope … and then you crash.

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed suit on behalf of 10 people with either American citizenship or permanent residency status who are on the current no-fly list. According to the BBC: “Those wrongly on the list are being denied … Continue reading

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