Fuck you very much

Another anti-Muslim hate crime occurred in Seattle. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, “A 35-year-old Seattle man is facing assault and hate crime charges following allegations that he accosted a clerk at a Queen Anne convenience store.”

This is what the brave foot soldier for freedom did:

“For unknown reasons a person threw change on the floor near the victim’s feet then punched the victim on the left side of the head,” the detective said.

“After the suspect struck (the clerk) with his fist he said, ‘You’re not even American, you’re Al-Qaeda. Go back to your country.'”

I found this piece on the liberal lefty site Alternet, with poster Joshua Holland highlighting the first comment on the PI’s URL: “Thanks Glenn Beck, thanks Rush, thank O’Reilly, for all you’ve done for us.”

“To which I’d add: thanks Howard Dean and Harry Reid for the great courage you’ve shown on this issue,” Holland wrote.

Holland was referring to these two Democrats opposition to the so-called “ground zero mosque” which anti-Muslim activists and Republicans have used as an opportunity to spread their agendas and win office.

While the mosque may have been on the assailant’s mind, to connect this solely to the project is a bit of a stretch. For starters, he didn’t mention anything about the mosque. His verbal assault was more against Muslims in general, and probably had as much to do with the occupation of Afghanistan as ground zero.

To which I would a hearty fuck you to the Obama administration for expanding the occupation and to groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations for not speaking out against the occupation and failing in your role to uphold and advance the interests of your constituency.

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