Fools’ Community Service

Muslims plan on spending Eid, which coincides with 9/11 this year, doing community service. The fools are willing to suspend Eid celebrations just so they don’t look like they’re celebrating 9/11. Michigan Radio tells us:

Victor Begg is with the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan. He says 9/11 is a significant day for Muslims this year, because the date coincides with the Eid holiday, “which is an important festival. After fasting 30 days we celebrate. Well, this year we decided that instead we’re going to go out and do community service, because we also want to commemorate the 9/11 victims.”

I don’t see any Americans remembering, let alone mourning, the anniversary of the Amriya bomb shelter bombing or the occupation of Baghdad on April 9 or the massacre of Kabul or Baghdad.

Can you imagine if any Muslims lived near Auschwitz? They’d dress in black and grieve all year long and buy out every tissue box in town just in case there’s an iota of suspicion they’re anti-Semitic.

Muslim “sisters and brothers,” enjoy sweeping the highways on your holiday while you secretly wish you were visiting family and friends, stuffing your faces with baqlawa and shopping for useless shit. And please let us know how many more Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq need to be butchered in retaliation for 9/11 before you stop feeling the need to prove your loyalty to their murderers.

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