Remember the Lawrence Franklin spying scandal? It was just one of many acts of espionage Israel has done in the United States; specifically it implicated former lobby heads Steven J. Rosen and Keith Weissman of illegally passing on classified American intelligence information to Israel.

Former DIA analyst Larry Franklin was the only one convicted of anything; charges against Rosen and Weissman were dropped. Rosen eventually went to work for Daniel Pipes, something I wrote about in a previous version of this blog (please excuse the numerous spelling and grammatical errors, not to mention the not-so awesome-ending; I was in a public library and my time was running out, lol.)

Now, a 260 page motion filed in DC’s Superior court by AIPAC reveals new sordid details in some of the inner workings of the lobby, that  “included viewing pornography at work with the consent of senior managers while also, as Rosen admits, using his work computer to solicit male sex partners from Craigslist,” according to Al Jazeera.

AIPAC is “a spinoff of an organization already ordered by the DOJ to register as an Israeli foreign agent” and was founded by Isaiah L. Kenen, “the chief information officer for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New York and for a time duly registered in that role,” according to the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy. It’s essentially an arm of the Jewish state and it must be registered as a foreign agent.

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