Sharp Like A Bowling Ball

Super smart former Tea Party Express leader Mark Williams – who was expelled for making racist remarks that were too much even for the racist Tea Party movement – unveiled a brilliant strategy to bring down the neocolonial Obama administration in 2012:

“It’s not a new idea, Odysseus’ Trojan Horse is the first recorded use of this kind of tactic, and that was 4,000 years ago and while many variations have evolved the basic idea remains the same; infiltrate and sabotage.”

There’s only one problem with this battle plan – infiltration and sabotage only works if your opponent doesn’t know about it!

I’ve never read the Odyssey, but I’m pretty sure the famed military leader didn’t walk up to the Trojans and said, “Sup. Today you’re gonna get a big wooden horse as a gift, but it’s a trick; instead, tonight while you’re all sleeping, me and my boys are gonna jump out and kill of you. Peace.”

Good job, broseph. We should play poker soon; bring lots of money.

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