An Islamist gunman killed six innocent civilians and himself in the Ridderhof shopping centre in the Dutch town of Alphen aan den Rijn just outside of Amsterdam. Casualties included a lightly injured  infant  – proof of the barbarity of the Islamic culture that produced yet another terrorist; he followed a basic tenet of his fascist faith by committing suicide in order to get his 72 virgins. 

Muslim immigration in Europe is out of control, and it’s a process of subjugation and imposition of Shari’a law that seeks to turn Europe into Eurabia as shown by Bat Ye’or. It’s a culture of barbarity that must be stopped, and this gunman was just following the fundamentals of his faith. As Robert Spencer has point out …

Oh, wait a minute … it wasn’t a Muslim immigrant that shot up the mall. It was native Dutchman and Christian Tristan van der Vlis who went on the rampage. Just imagine the outcry if the gunman was indeed a Muslim immigrant, especially since the attacker’s black Mercedes contained threats that he planted explosives in three other area malls. I doubt that any priest or minister would have to be called forth and explain/apologize for Tristan’s actions; neither will the growing far right exploit this act to further their racist program, blame it on multiculturalism or claim it’s part of a larger conspiracy.


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