It’s Alright Everyone, He’s Wearing A Cross

Qur’an burning pastor Terry Jones wants to educate us on the dangers of Islam. He should focus on gun safety instead:

“Controversial Pastor Terry Jones made a name for himself after burning a Koran to protest radical Islam. On Thursday, Jones fired bullet into the floorboard of his car.

It happened in the parking lot at FOX 2 just moments after he appeared on live TV with Huel Perkins on the ‘Let it Rip’ show.”

Of course, why do that when the cops don’t care:

“Southfield Police say the gun accidentally discharged. No one was hurt. No Charges were filed.  Police gave the gun back to Jones and sent him on his way.”

Great. Can’t wait till he “accidentally” kills someone who gets into his face about his anti-Muslim bigotry.  Oh wait, he’s Christian. They’re not prone to violence; that’s what I’m told, anyway.

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