We’re Not Buying It

Fighting the good fight against the pervasive system of racial oppression facing us today – affirmative action – the Young Conservatives of Texas took their crusade to the streets and shook the walls of oppression at Texas Tech University with a thunderous blast from their mighty trumpet of justice:

“The Young Conservatives of Texas hosted an affirmative action bake sale to satirize and draw attention to what they call the injustice of favoritism in academia.”

You’re either part of the problem, or part of the solution.

“They sold the same cookies at different prices, depending on the buyers race or ethnicity.”

Power to the people!

“So who got the good deal? Faculty, staff, and students of races that the group says are currently favored by liberal elites did, organizers said.

African-American and Hispanics were able to buy cookies at the lower prices. Native Americans ate for free.”

I think the YCT’s theatrical production is a great idea, so I’ve come up with a few of my own. I’m going to set up both international border crossings and airport terminals at Texas Tech to protest the “injustice of favoritism” of security by singling out certain groups of people over other groups for “random selections.” Especially the YCT.

Then, I’ll follow it up with an invasion of the YCT’s headquarters and other white neighborhoods because of suspicion of harboring terrorists and stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. Through the course of my massive shock and awe bombing campaign, I’ll target the same demographic currently “disenfranchised the most by the idea of affirmative action” – according to YCT chairman Jermany Kitchen (a strange and suspicious name. You’ve been randomly selected.) – and call it, “Operation Disfranchised Freedom.”

After they gain heir freedom through occupation, I’ll herd the survivors into ghettos and then I’ll initiate the final phase of my satire and protest favoritism by donning a police uniform, where I – and others doing the same – will roam around and target the disenfranchised and use batons, tasers and guns to draw attention to the injustice of favoritism.

Especially the YCT.

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