No One Will Ever See This Picture


Dumb ass New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner has admitted that the Tweets sent to a young lady – a picture of his alleged pants bulge – were his indeed. There was speculation that this was a hack job done by Andrew Breitbart in order to smear the liberal congressman, including from Weiner himself, even going as far as calling a CNN reporter a jackass.

Oh the irony.

All of this would fall under the “who-gives-a-fuck-about-a-politician-who-likes-to-get-freaky-once-in-a-while” scandal category. Yet the deeper significance lies in the press conference where he not only admitted he likes homemade internet porn, but also apologized to Breitbart:

“‘I believe that everyone deserves an apology here,’ Weiner said. ‘Anyone who was misled, all of you who were misled.’ Pressed again whether he felt he should apologize to Breitbart, Weiner took a moment to look down as cameras once again flashed, and offered a more direct apology: ‘I apologize to Andrew Breitbart. I apologize to the many other members of the media that I misled, I apologize first and foremost’ to my wife and family.'”

For real? Thanks to Weiner’s attempted cover up, he just gave Breitbart legitimacy. Breitbart naturally wasted no time in milking it for all it was worth, actually appearing at the podium of Weiner’s press conference:

“Breitbart told reporters he feels ‘vindicated’ after the initial attacks on his reporting of the Weiner incident. He said the photos he published today are from a tip they got before the infamous Weiner tweet that eventually led to today’s press conference.

‘I’ve yet to meet her,’ Breitbart said of the woman who allegedly received the shirtless photos of Weiner and passed them along to Breitbart. ABC News is reportedly in contact with the woman and may publish her story later.

‘This is a legitimate story,’ Breitbart said.”

And that’s the point; Breitbart is a lying sack of shit, having been behind the ACORN  and Shirley Sherrod hoaxes, in which he attempted to portray the former as promoting teenage prostitution, the latter as a black supremacist. He  also tried to portray two labor professors as supporting violence. He’s finally found credibility he’s craved with “a legitimate story,” a vital weapon in his war on the left.

“Weinergate” demonstrates once again the failure of liberalism, particularly as an effective opposition to the Right. Not only does it fail when it achieves power – by largely perpetuating  the same neocolonial agenda as the Republican party – but also accommodating a right-wing that is seething with hatred for anything remotely centrist.

Case in point – Obama. As soon as he got elected, he tried to work with a Republican party unified in its resistance to his administration and reliant on the racist Tea Party movement. In the case of Shirley Sherrod, she was fired by the Obama administration after Breitbart’s edited tape surfaced without even bothering to examine the tape or the man behind it; they eventually retracted and apologized, but it was too late. Then, there was the ACORN “scandal” where the grassroots organization was defunded thanks to a fake expose – and a majority Democratic Congress.

All of that was built on bullshit. Now, thanks to Weiner, Democrats and liberals, Breitbart has more to stand on.

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