“Obi-Wan: Who’s the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?”

A New York Court convicted three men for attempting to blow up a Bronx-based Synagogue with fake weapons supplied by undercover agents of the FBI:

“Judge Colleen McMahon said the defendants, James Cromitie, David Williams and Onta Williams, acted out of their hatred for the Jewish people and gave them the maximum sentence.

The three men were arrested after they planted what they believed were explosive devices near the synagogue. But the supposed bombs were fake and had been provided by undercover FBI agents.

Their lawyers had argued for leniency because they were caught in the FBI sting using an informant who promised them money to carry out the bombing of the synagogue.”

Hatred for Jewish people? Perhaps. Does that hatred have anything to do with Israel? Most likely.

Justified? Absolutely not!

Put plainly, anti-Zionism doesn’t need idiots like this, but dedicated, movement building, intelligent activists that are willing to do constructive work to alter the pro-Israel bias of the United States and fight for human rights. However un-glamorous it may be in comparison to the romance of terrorism/guerilla warfare, hard work over a long period of time is what will win out; so would a good strategy, which could start with something like … oh I don’t know, like ending the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, for starters?

Cause let’s face it – if we can’t get the U.S. out of Afghanistan, then how are we going to get the United States to stop supporting Israel?

These idiots certainly didn’t consider this; neither did they consider the lives they would’ve destroyed if the bombs they used were real.

Which brings me to the issue of “entrapment,” which was used to ensnare these morons and which has caused consternation in progressive and legal circles:

“David Cole, a law professor at Georgetown University, described entrapment as a ‘legitimate but complicated and risky’ tactic.

‘On the one hand, to place an informant in a group of people who might be planning some illegal conduct is one of the most effective ways to prevent the attack from occurring,’ he said.

‘The danger … is that you can create crimes that would otherwise never have occurred,’ said Cole.

I think the greater danger here is what would happen if these idiots – and others like them – were approached not by undercover agents, but by actual Islamists looking for operatives to carry out a terror attack. While it’s true that many terror plots originated from FBI informants looking for plotters, the fact that the targets never seem to back out or say no suggests there are a lot of dumb asses who are willing to carry out attacks – a fuse waiting to be lit, in other words. 

The Ft. Hood shooter, Underwear Bomber and the Times Square Bomber prove that Islamist terror is real, not totally manufactured by the FBI as some seem to think. While issues like entrapment are important – especially to the cause of fighting Islamophobia and civil liberties – Islamists willing to engage in terrorism do as much to fuel this current anti-Muslim atmosphere we are living in; if not more so.

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