Fuck Off, Debbie

Debbie Schlussel may have inadvertently admitted to fucking up.

In her quest to demonize Muslims by portraying them all as blood-thirsty, Jew-hating, over sexed, terrorist Untermenschen, she makes grandiose claims on her blog of Jihadist plots and criminal Islamic conspiracies. Well, not just on her blog – as she herself wrote on her website, she also makes these claims to the cops:

“And I know of a giant car theft and insurance fraud ring in the Deabornistan area, which Hezbollah uses to raise money and send cars and car parts to Lebanon using various cover.  We reported it to authorities, who did nothing.”

(The grammatically correct sentence is – “We reported it to the authorities, who did nothing.” Aren’t you educated, or something?)
If she had good evidence of a car theft ring raising funds for a terrorist group on the State Dept.’s F.T.O. list and nothing came of it, it means 1 of 2 things – either law enforcement in Detroit is under the control of Hezbollah/Iran, or her allegations were baseless. Given her track record for making crazy statements and distorted claims including those made against her fellow right-wing travellers – in all likelihood the powers that be politely told her to stop wasting their time with stupid bullshit and to fuck off.

Naturally the stupidity doesn’t stop there. She cites an article in the Canadian National Post about a Hezbollah-linked kidnapping and extortion racket operating in Ontario. A gangster – Kamal Ghandour – extorted a fellow Lebanese citizen, Aline Ajam, after telling her his associates had kidnapped her uncle back in Lebanon. Ghandour also ripped off  another Lebanese citizen – Ghassan El Gharib. The obvious interpretation of this situation is immigrants preying on their own community, much like the Italian mafia did to fellow Italian-Americans in the past. Here’s Schlussel’s take on it:

This is Islam. It’s Islam in North America. This guy, Ghandour owns a restaurant in Windsor, just across the border from Detroit. And don’t think the Detroit border is keeping this guy out. It isn’t. This is what Shi’ite Muslims do. It’s who they are.”

All of them? All 25 percent of the world’s Muslims? Is Ghandour the Shi’ite ripping off other Shi’ites because that’s what Shi’ism demands of him – or is he just a common criminal? Notice she provides no scriptural evidence, no sermons, Fatwas, video, etc. It’s true not because there’s proof, but because she says it, as if her saying it makes it true.

Fine, let’s apply that standard to people of other religious backgrounds. Take for example, oh, let’s see … Bernie Madoff,  a Jewish (former) billionaire who ripped off – among others – Jewish charities, universities and organizations. Then there’s Eliyahu Weinstein who bilked millions in a real estate scam from his own sect’s followers. And then there’s Joseph Shereshevsky who pled guilty to felony counts of securities fraud, mail fraud and conspiracy in a 255 million dollar Ponzi scheme targeting – you guessed it – other Jews.

So, by Schlussel’s standards – and using her phrasing with minor changes – “this is Judaism. It’s Judaism in North America. This is what Jews do. It’s who they are.”

You can’t have one standard for Muslims and another for Jews, Deb; if Ghandour’s (and a few other Muslims) criminal behavior are indicative of Islam, then according to your, um … “logic,” Madoff’s (and a few others) criminal behavior are indicative of Judaism and Jews – which happens to be your religion.

That line of thought is problematic because that would be antisemitic, right? Do you get it now? Or did you move on already and discover another incident “proving” Islam is out to get us all? Either way, do us all a favor – and fuck off.

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