The BBC reported that the UN has warned that 12 million people worldwide are stateless and will be denied their human rights as a result:

“The problem is most widespread in South East Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

These people are in desperate need of help because they live in a nightmarish legal limbo,’ said Antonio Guterres of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

‘Apart from the misery caused to the people themselves, the effect of marginalising whole groups of people across generations creates great stress in the societies they live in and is sometimes a source of conflict.'”

Sucks, doesn’t it? And what sucks more is that there are two international conventions that only a few nations have signed onto:

“Only 66 states are signed up to the 1954 Convention entitling stateless people to minimum standards of treatment while a mere 38 are party to the 1961 Convention which provides a legal framework to help states reduce statelessness.

‘After 50 years, these conventions have attracted only a small number of states,’ Mr Guterres added.”

The BBC didn’t provide a list of states that signed onto the conventions. Here are two lists of countries that have signed onto both conventions – notice which country is missing?

Why, the United States of America, of course! It looks worse when you look at the lists and see Israel – Israel! – as a signatory to both conventions; Israel, a nation founded on ethnic cleansing that worked to prevent Palestinian refugees from returning to their homes and killing so-called “infiltrators.”

This fits in the overall pattern of Washington’s refusal to comply with international law – a pattern that’s continued under Obama. So, while the UN tries to remedy this situation by launching their campaign, in all likelihood, the current administration will continue on the same path set by its predecessors. Meanwhile, Obama praised the Libyan resistance for successfully overthrowing Qadhafi:

We will continue to insist that the basic rights of the Libyan people are respected. And we will continue to work with our allies and partners in the international community to protect the people of Libya, and to support a peaceful transition to democracy.”

No statement signaling a change of policy toward stateless people or support for the UN’s campaign; just silence. Silence that screws 12 million stateless people – because they’re not sitting on vast reserves of oil, and they’re not struggling against a dictator on the outs with Washington. They’re just stateless – which means they’re useless, and worthless.

The bullshit continues.

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