My Post-9/11 Tribute

Let us forget the real reasons for an event 10 years ago – when 3,000 people lost their lives for their imperial leaders concocting a volatile mix of courting Islamic fundamentalism in order to defeat the empire’s enemies while courting wrath for being an empire.

Let us forget the wars of occupation fought in that event’s name and let us forget the countless – and nameless – non-American victims who lost their lives paying for our sins.

Let us pause to remember those lives that count, so that we can forget the lives that don’t. Let us indulge in victimhood, so that we can find more victims.

Let us invert reality, so we can deny others their right to freedom and dignity based on their skin color and religion.

Let us give thanks to those who gave their lives so that politicians and big business can continue to profit. Let us pretend that they gave their lives for a noble purpose and silence those who dare to speak the truth.

So, in conclusion, let us give thanks to those who don’t deserve it, and let us ignore those that do, so that nothing changes and all that’s false remains true.

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