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Got Bullshit?

It must’ve been a strange encounter; Sec. of State Hillary Clinton fielded questions from the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, chaired by none other than right-wing dragon lady House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. It was a … Continue reading

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Some Things Never Change

There’s something peculiarly familiar about the recent prisoner swap between Israel and Hamas. It’s not the swap itself – Israel and Palestinian groups have done prisoner swaps in the past as well as with Hezbollah. What’s familiar about this particular … Continue reading

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Orwellian Clarity

A high-ranking American delegation arrived yesterday in Islamabad to deliver a stern warning to the Pakistani leadership that the United States would unilaterally attack Taliban groups on Pakistani soil if the Pakistani government won’t take more decisive action against them. … Continue reading

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Tondar! Tondar! Tondar Cats! Ho!!!!!

Rep. Peter King – House Homeland Security Chairman – described the alleged Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, D.C. as an “act of war.” The Hill reported: “‘This would have been an act of war…this goes beyond … Continue reading

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Two States Too Many

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas followed through on his pledge to come to the United Nations to gain international recognition for a Palestinian state and recently handed over a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon asking to have Palestine … Continue reading

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