As Egyptian military and police attack and kill Egyptian protesters – the numbers thus far are 32 dead and 1,750 injured – it’s good to see the Obama administration has refused to remain silent … on Iran’s nuclear program?????

According to the BBC:

“US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke of a ‘significant ratcheting-up of pressure’ on Iran.

The UK said earlier it was cutting all ties with Iranian banks, while Canada said it was banning exports for the petrochemical, oil and gas industries.

A UN report has given the strongest evidence yet that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons, but Iran denies this.

Tehran insists its nuclear programme is solely for civilian purposes.”

If all this looks familiar, it should; the trumpeting of an out-of-control Middle Eastern nation that possesses weapons of mass destruction and posing a dire threat to the entire world was exactly the premise the Bush administration used to invade Iraq in 2003. Then – as now – the U.S. supported anti-democratic regimes in the region while hyping an Iraqi “threat” of WMDs.

There is an obvious difference, but it isn’t between the Bush and Obama administrations; it’s the difference between Iraq and Iran’s WMDs programs, which the former was non-existent (by the time of the 2003 occupation) and latter’s current status – summed up by a report from the UN. But the language is the same:

“The British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, had earlier said that all UK credit and financial institutions had to cease trading with Iran’s banks from Monday afternoon.

We believe that the Iranian regime’s actions pose a significant threat to the UK’s national security and the international community,’ he said.”

Sounds an awful lot like this:

“Where we are in absolute agreement is that Iraq poses a real and a unique threat to the security of the region and the rest of the world.”

The tactics employed by Washington/London/Ottawa – make an end run around international law by attacking Iran’s financial sector – should also be familiar, since that’s what the Bush administration did as well.

I’m pretty sure that Egyptians – as well as Bahrainis, Yemenis, Palestinians , Afghanis, etc – are far less threatened by Iran’s nukes than the elites of Washington, London, Tel Aviv and Riyadh, who are either doing the killing or supplying the bullets; neither are the OccupyWallStreet activists, who are being terrorized, not by Iranian WMDs, but by American police thugs.

It’s the politics of distraction and the politics of imperial hegemony disguised in a manufactured “imminent threat.” The end result may not be the same – occupation of Iran – but it could mean an Israeli attack on Iran, which the Obama administration in all likelihood can’t and won’t stop if Tel Aviv decides to carry it out. Or Obama may do it himself, since he’s threatened Tehran with an attack – using the same language Bush did.

It’s proof – once again – that neocolonialism cannot be voted out of office, as many thought they did in 2008.

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  2. History repeating itself ay? Different president, same shit

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